The valleys and lakes, the sanctuary of spirituality and wonders at every

Dal lake

Welcome to the surreal beauty and serene landscapes only in Kashmir. Well preserved between valleys, the natives and the landscape is the perfect example for a paradise on Earth. Kashmir sits as the crown jewel of India.

Mountain ranges of the western Himalayas
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With the Himalayas looking down upon the valleys and gardens of this beautifully put together art of nature. Steep roads, cold weather, grand mountains, and picturesque beauty. Sitting in the lap of mountains, Kashmir has a lot to offer. It’s a feast to your eyes and a delight to the soul as the high mountain ranges of the western Himalayas look down on famous old lakes, gardens, water bodies, and valleys.

Curvy roads in Kashmir
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The culture and tradition of the old Kashmiri people are the same, preserved as day One. From little towns and dwellings of 100,200 houses in one valley base to the utter silence on the wide stretched passes and steep and curvy roads. It is a delightful pass for all the bike lovers as you can roar through the mountain cut passes and roads that give you an adrenaline boost for sure. This experience is complimented by the pristine landscapes running all over ahead of you.

Boating in Kashmir
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The beauty of Srinagar, the capital of Jammu & Kashmir is one of the top-rated destinations all around the globe. We try to put together a bunch of to-dos, to let you have the best time of your life seeing lakes and spending time on houseboats, boating, skiing, trekking and so much more to do. Srinagar is often referred to as India’s Switzerland. And as a reason, these snow-clad mountains, and open grasslands, fields and plains, lakes and valleys, this experience is memorable even in words.

Dal lake
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The beauty of and around the Dal lake can possibly sweep the Earth under your feet. As you set your gaze on the setting Sun, the entire landscape changes hues and the sight just grows on you. The views at Gulmarg, Sonmarg and the Leh pass are some locations bound to the beauty on Earth. Said to be the Paradise on Earth they say that Kashmir was placed by the hands of God.

Where the view is clear and filled with masterpieces of nature’s creation in time. As a beauty, so is the aura. Kashmir is filled with holy temples, Muslim shrines, and Buddhist monasteries. The tranquility that you experience is indescribable. We have some exciting Kashmir tour packages that you can go through and choose the experiences you feel is worth your time as our own suggestion is to look through but don’t worry if you find yourself confused as what to see and what not? Kashmir does that to everyone.

Open grasslands and gardens
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Moving on we see the hillside monasteries and grand mountains having its back and open grasslands and gardens add more to the glory of the peace and calm that flows in the air. The transformation after you’ve been to this place is like no other. The richness of the discipline in every place is put in order with precise detain and attention. The teachings of old saints and sages still vibrate and elevate the aura as it runs through the mountains. From giving your life a boost to rendering utter peace to your soul, Kashmir has a lot in store to knock your socks off.

In time, give some time to yourself and your loved ones. A time that you will remember as the best imprint on your memory palette. So without further-a-do, give yourself the perfect gift and register your tickets on our latest and trending Kashmir tour packages to see for yourself, what this actually feels like to be in front of your eyes.


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